Our Team


Tim Skinner

Director & Engine Project Leader

Engines constructed for private competitors using Ford Cosworth, Trimuph, and VAG products.
Holder of Private Pilots License and authorised Test Pilot for the Light Aircraft Association.
Rotax Aero Engine Industry Approved Engineer.

Tim Piper

Technical & Engineering Director

Skiled in general engineering and fabrication, worked as a manufacturing engineer in the car industry building, design, installing and commissioning of production machinery.
Successfully set up a exhaust manufacturing facility in Germany producing systems for tuned performance cars. Experienced in the building and tuning of engines for rally cars, together with the undertaking of research and development within the automotive sector.
CAA qualified welder experienced in tubular manipulation and jigs and fixtures, CAA inspection and quality control. Fluent German speaker as a second language


Chris Piper

Managing Director CKT

Trained with the de Havilland Engine Company, actively involved with fabrication, welding, and equipment design for pistons, gas turbine components and rocket motors. Worked for the Aero engine industries,An experienced manager operating in S/M manufacturing companies developing and maintaining a strong ethos of quality and customer care and relationships